detail-metal-webThibaudeau LLC is a family company located in the West of France since 1987 in Mauléon, Deux Sevres (79).






Quality controls and machined parts

The large size machining does not exclude high accuracy construction. To guarantee its customers, Thibaudeau LLC performs a check on each piece. Visit our pages dedicated to machining and control.


References worldwide

Thibaudeau LLC performs machining for many sectors: aerospace, automotive equipment, energy… The parts machined by the company are delivered worldwide.

Machining: our core business

Specialized in the machining of all materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, bronze, plastics) in large dimensions, the company offers the services of horizontal turning, vertical turning, milling, slotting, and the mechanical welding and general assembly and sub-assembly.
It can also offer a support for subcontracting processing, paint, coating …